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Day 105 - January 13, 2006
Well, this time both feet are messing with me. My left foot if swollen a bit, looks like that cellulitis thing again. My right foot which has been on very good behavior most of the trip decided to peel and bleed a bit between the meta tarcel heads. Despite those challenges I made some progress. I've moved base to Chillicothe, Oh. I still have about 40 or so miles to go before I officially arrive in Chilli tho. I'll be here through Monday or Tuesday.

The weather's been pretty good. I'm back to the hitching thing again. Bummer. It takes away so much. In a way it's a good thing my feet are screwing up because I can't walk on them very long. Having to hitch between starting and ending points on a twice daily basis takes away much of my production. e.g. Two days ago I spent over 5 hours trying to get rides. Doesn't leave much time for walking. If there was vehicle support I think I'd only be a couple hundred miles behind instead of 700.

If you ever go through Point Pleasant West Virginia make sure you investigate the "Mothman". totally cool farce but Richard Gere starred in a Movie about it. If you have to walk on highway 35 between St. Albans and Point Pleasant....don't. It's so narrow you have to jump in to the ditch to avoid the traffic. And there's alot of traffic. Walk on a controlled access highway north of Gallipolis, Ohio and go away with it. Yahooooooooooooooo! Saves mucho time.

Talk about meeting nice people. A young couple picked me up yesterday and gave me a ride to Chillicothe. they are existing on a spartan income. I was with them for about an hour. We talked about many things including the walk. I offered them a little cash for the assist. It looked like they really could use some help, but they refused it. In fact they offered me some of what little money they had. They just liked the event and wanted to help. People that like..well I wish I was a writer to express the feelings one has when one encounters folks like them. Bless them for they are cool. Linsay and Jason McCoy were the names. We sang Hang on Sloopy in the McCoy's honor. You have to be old or a McCoy to know that one. anyway...many many good things happening along the way.

Also..the Ohio River is a pretty damn big river.

Owooooooooooooh! Wheat

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