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Day 223 - May 11, 2006
Lucky Star Well, I'm officially out of Ft. Nelson by about 17 clicks(10.4 miles) Plan on getting 20 miles or 33 clicks in later this AM and PM. As you know its very bright until at least ten pm now. Days are long and the inside of my truck is way to warm. So, I'm resting a bit and walking a little in the mid to late evenings. Traffic out of Nelson is almost as slow as it was when I walked to Dawson during the winter two years ago. Bears (blackies) are a daily event now as are moose cows and the occasional calf. Fortunately I've been able to negotiate around them and no one has felt threatened. I do keep my bear spray at my side at all times now. No wolves for over a week. Lots of coyotes tho. Saw an eagle yesterday. There's still snow in the trees and ice on the river banks. The leaves are finally starting to show up. Just a few more days and everything should be in full bloom.

Met a wonderful woman yesterday. Shannon Benedict(like the eggs). She and her crew offered me a ride and she slipped me ten bucks. Owooooooooooooh! Mighty fine, mighty fine. There are so many nice people up here .

Going to be lonely for a while. No phone or internet for several weeks unless I can talk my way into someone who has wireless along the way. The wilderness is back in my life. Owoooooooooooooooooooooh! Less than a month till river put in. Talk to you from Watson for sure. Take care everyone.

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