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Holly Grove West Virginia

My fiancee and I were traveling north on route 83, when we saw buckwheat hitching a ride. My fiancee told me not to pick him up that he was probably going to kill us, lol. But I could look at him and tell that he was a kind hearted fellow, and that he was different somehow.

When Buckwheat asked to be let out of the car on route 61 west towards charleston, I told him that I was going to charleston and offered him a ride which he sincerely denied. After returning from charleston my fiancee and I saw him once again at Cheylan West Virginia. He and I talked again for a minute or two and once again we parted ways. I might try and find him once again so that I can hear the howl and get some pictures, but if my quest falls short and cant find him, I'll know that there is a man out there doing something in this place that is for others and that god will watch over him. Our hearts and prayers go to him on his journey, and hope that he makes it home safe.

It has made my new year something to look forward to knowing that there is one man out there with this much hope. It was an honor meeting Buckwheat!

- Shawn Pritt

Winchester, Indiana

The day "Buckwheat" visited our church in Winchester, indiana marked the beginning of a remarkable friendship.

The congregation was glad to have him visiting and I am happy to say that they react to every visitor the same way.

I pray that Buckwheat continues to have a safe journey and I know that God is watching over him. I thank everyone who has helped him to date and all of those who are yet to meet him and have the opportunity to support his walk.

Bill Carr

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