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Day 85 - December 27, 2005
Had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas with the Kelly Roper Family in Hendersonville and Waynesville, North Carolina. Kathleen and Tom picked me up around 5PM on Xmas Eve and took me to Kelly's mothers home in Hendersonville. Fine dinner and another one at Kathleen and Toms home in Waynesville on Christmas itself. Met Tom's brother D.I.. A fine southern gentlemen. It was a very low key and relaxing day.

Kathleen and Tom are getting in to this walking thing. It looks like they'll be joining up with me for a few days in southwestern Ohio or central Indiana. Way cool...way cool. I'm just south of Mayberry (mt. Airy, NC) at the moment. Should be through Mayberry and in Virginia by Thursday or Wednesday at the earliest.

Left foot is fair. Better than in the past. Still slow going but at least I'm making headway. Had dinner at Goobers on Boxing Day and Aunt Bea's BBQ. I suggest Goobers. Aunt Bea isn't the cook at her namesakes place. Bought 5 super lotto tickets yesterday. The drawing was last night at 11PM. I didn't even match one number Bummer. 125 million down the drain. Hooking up with Karen Parsons and family on Thursday night. I'm doing a Kiwanis luncheon in Wilkesborough, NC this Friday. Should be fun. Next report from Virginia or West Virginia. Owooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Merry belated Xmas to all.

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