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Day 221 - May 9, 2006
Buckwheat and his bike Amazing stuff here in NE BC. Sockeye Cycle's back was stolen outside of the Ft. St. John Library about 11 days ago. I mentioned it to Tim Woody in Anchorage the following day. I hadn't told Thom Ely of Sockeye because I was trying to figure out a way to tell him and have him say: "Thats ok, I was planning on donating it anyway". Well, Mr. Woody called someone at the Anchorage Daily News who wrote a column about it and the event. I was interviewed on the Mike Picarro afternoon radio show (KENI) about it. Dan Henry and Thom Ely in Haines were interviewed too. Then, a radio station news director in Ft. St. John saw the Anchorage Daily News story, phoned Anchorage, got my web site address and emailed me. By time I got his email four days after he sent it he'd contacted both the newspapers in Ft. St. John and the city of Ft. St. John. The next thing ya know I'm getting interviewed by MOOSE 100.1 FM not once but three times. The city of FT. St. John issued an official proclamation endorsing my fund raising efforts and bought me a new bike to replace the stolen one. I mean, the city of Skagway hasn't endorsed my fund raising efforts. Is this amazing or what? Then, the radio station sent two reporters 220 miles to conduct a live interview with me and delivered the bike! Owoooooooooooooooh! Is that way cool or what? AND..Thom Ely did confirm that he wasn't planning on charging me for the bike anyway. This is all howling stuff for sure or if your around Korsmo its an ooowieeee or oioioioioi. Whatever.. I never have been able to spell that wonderful sound he makes.

So, I find myself approaching Ft. Nelson. I'll officially get through it and about 5 miles beyond on Wednesday the 10th of May. I'm only 517 miles from Johnson Crossing. I'm averagin 20m a daynow. Looks like I'll be hitting the Teslin put in by the 7th of June at the latest. I think I'll take a day off or maybe two at Liard Hot Springs. Make up my need list for the river and get over to Jeff Brady pronto. Can't believe how fast I'm going and how slow it still feels. I know, I know....contradictions...

If you know of anyone coming up this way or down this way have them stop and say hello. I miss Skagway. Wish I could be there for all the cool weddings. Big Howls go out to Susan and Master Sue Wing. Now thats a good match!!!!! No cell phone until Dawson City, YT. Computer time is on a borrowed lap top from a woman travelling to Edmonton from Fairbanks. Until next time.

Oh yeah. Saw two black bears and a wounded coyote today. Don't know what got the coyote but it didn't look like he was going to last very long. Crows and Ravens were already following him. I'm going to check in to the Woodlands Hotel tomorrow night. It will be my last hotel until Watson. Gas prices are high. 1.27 a litre in Nelson and 1.35 a litre in Bucking Horse River. Some RV's on the road now. The rubber tire people are starting to trickle in.


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City of Fort St. John

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