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Day 208 - April 26, 2006
Lots to cover. I'm back to walking! Yea! Even tho it's slower I do prefer it to riding. I got verylucky the last few days of riding. Winds out of the EAST, at my back. Steady uphills, long uphills. God bless the wind. Yowser.

Starting walking again a few days ago. On the 23rd late in the PM I made it to Dawson Creek. Mile Zero on the ALCAN. Something about thouching that little statue made me very happy. I've been on an adrenalin rush ever since. From now every thing I do is Alaska/Yukon related. It means I'm getting close to home. Home is still five months away but I have less than a thousand miles of walking to do and about 2,400 water miles. Piece of cake! When I got to Dawson I thought I had about 900 miles or so to Johnson Crossing but I added wrong. In my favour tho. It's only 804 miles.

Owooooooooooooooooooooooooh! That will save almost a week of walking. It's looking like I might be putting in between the 10th and 15th of June now. Who knows, maybe earlier. There are zero distractions now. By Friday there wont be any town of significance until I hit Nome. Take that back, Ft. Nelson will have motels that are open and some fast food places to visit. But other than that, nada. Who knows, maybe I'll actually lose some weight.

Three days ago I saw my first Blackie since last September. Last night two cows (moose) walked by my truck where I spent the night. They looked lonely but confident. They didn't ram my truck or anything. Think they thought I was in-animate. Even after I honked at them they just ambled away. I'm really looking forward to getting north of St. John. The traffic will go down considerably. The road is much narrower here. It reminds me of West Virginia and roads in the Carolinas. No shoulders. Just two more days of heavy traffic and then, peace. Hitch hiking is getting easier because of the truck. Not only do I only have to hitch once a day now but if I stand next to my truck and hitch, everyone thinks my rig broke down and usually only one or two cars go by before I get a ride. Owooooooooh!.

Just heard that KHNS is sending a reporter(Dan Henry) over to Liard Hot Springs for another interview. Owoooooooh! That will be nice...AND Gary Hanson(retired ferry terminal manager) thinks he will join me in Watson Lake and walk all the way to Johnson Crossing. Owoooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Now thats a friend. 200 miles trekking along the road. Gary walked with me one day between Skagway and Fraser, BC so he know what he's getting in to. Don't tell Dr. Fisher but I think I'm going to have a beer or two with him and probably one or two in Johnson. I've only had one beer since last December. I'm due. Owoooooooooooooooooooh! The more the merrier! Come one come all. God it feels so good to be this close to home. If you know of anyone driving up the highway ask them to stop and say HEY!..

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