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Day 162 - March 11, 2006
I'm groovin in Minnesota. Boyd and Jan Olsen were very, very fine hosts for two nights in Lake City. I went to an Ash Wednesday service with them at a Lutheran Church. Very impressive. They introduced me to there daughter Karon who owns a company called magic mesh. A scrapbook company. She made a donation to the fund and allowed one member of her staff a day off with pay to walk with me between Red Wing and Hastings, MN. Nice employer! On Saturday the 3rd I made it from Hastings into the Grabham sphere of influence in the Twin Cities. They got me through St. Paul, Minneapolis, Anoka and over to near Big Lake, MN. I got sick one day. 24 hour flu but both Lonnie and Doug Grabham came to my rescue. They are the parents of Drew Grabham of Juneau. I married him and his wife a few years ago in Juneau. That would be Cheryl. They now have a daughter named Wren. They've volunteered for the race several times and I worked with Cheryl when I managed the Channel Bowl Cafe that winter long ago. Anyway, a good over all experience.

From the Grabhams I was taken over by Cory Thole's parents: Caryn and Tony. Hightowers family as many of you know is just as impressive as the tall skinny white dude himself. For the last four nights I've been in heaven. Good food, good company and all that. Cory's here and doing some movie editing of his trip to Peru and other South American countries he visited with Robert McCracken. Skagwegians all over the world this year! If you have a chance watch his movies. Robert and Hightower have some great film. Great bugs, weird bugs, oozy bugs and howler monkeys and more. The new wildlife kings of video are alive and well in Skagway. Brave they are. Bold is their middle name and fearless is their legend. Stand in line..do whatever it takes...but make sure you see the movie. Bugs of Peru. Starring the Kings of Skagwegia. Owooooooooooooooooooh!

I'm leaving the Thole sphere of influence tomorrow and heading for Randle, MN and hopefully will be in Detroit Lakes by the 18th or 19th. I'll be moving into Larry Gullingsrud territory. His brother Norm and his wife Laurie will be helping out for a few days and rumor has it I'll be spending some time with his parents too. Fargo radio and TV are going to help me out in their area too. Should be fun. Dan Henry of Haines should be here in less than two weeks. Major improvement in consistency is on the way. Tom Ely of Sockeye Cycle is giv ing me a bike with bags and numb proof bike seat(for nuts), helmet and fenders. Thank you Tom Ely and Sockeye Cycle. More has happened. More good cop stories in Minnesota. When I get home and your bored, give me a call and I'm sure I can help you kill some time or get some extra sleep.

Next time you see Hightowers Mom, Caryn ask her about low underwear count. Owooooooooooooooooooooooh! Bye for now.

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