Day 109 - January 17th, 2006

Making pretty good time despite the challenges of hitch hiking. Man do I dis like that part of this trip. I'm in a place just west of west Lancaster ohio in Jamestown. that's about 25 miles from Dayton. I'll be staying the next few nights with Dave Herbig's brother Jim for a few days Yeaaahh! No motels and no hitching. Owoooooooooooooooooh! His sister in law Collette will pick me up later this afternoon. Hopefull I'll have made it through Xenia by then.

It's breezy and wet this AM with chance of sleet and snow later. Just like home. Getting a late start today to send this off and take care of some personal *bleep*. Nothing extraordinary happened in Chillicothe. I did see King Kong two nights ago. A little long but good special effects. In fact it seemed very long. This time next week I should be in Indiana. Then I can focus on Chicago. It will be fun to walk down Lake Shore Drive. Until then.

Keep on howling. Is it not way cool that Susan Jabal and Beth Cline are jumping the broom this year? Owoooooooooooooh! AND....all four of them made wise choices. Yowser!