Day 25 - October 25, 2005

I had another great day today. It was cool and not humid. I made it to within three miles of the Georgia border. I'm almost out of Florida. I'm off highway 1 and onto US 17 now. I'm about ten miles north of Yulee, FL. This time next week I'll be in Savannah, and then South Carolina. Owoooooooooooooooh! I won't run into a state or province as long as Florida again until Manitoba. Just over 20 miles today. And it was kind of a short one. Maybe 6 1/2 hours on the road. The highways are getting a little narrower now. I'm spending a lot more time walking off the shoulder in the weeds. Slows you down a bit but not like that good ol' humidity. I'm beginning to think I may be reaching my 25 mile a day goal in the next week or so. It's my last night with Mark and Emily. Bummer. They've been so good to me. I shall miss them!